Nur - Bangladesh

“I want my children to get an education and serve their community like I am doing,” says Nur, a cyclone preparedness volunteer in the camps of Cox’s Bazar.

“I spend my time volunteering with Red Cross because I want to help families who have nowhere else to go. I learned about first aid and cyclone preparedness and now teach my community how to stay safe.”

Nur and his family settled in this migrant displacement camp nearly two years ago, after fleeing violence in Myanmar. But his family are struggling with the reality of their forced migration. “We are human beings but are living without basic dignities or an idea of what the future holds. I want to return home.”

In the last two years, more than 700,000 people have fled and sought safety in Cox’s Bazar. Photo: American Red Cross/Brad Zerivitz. Meet more of the people featured in our [***LINK***]Stories of Life series

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