Lenor - Mozambique

“Life has been very hard because of the drought … In this field, we cultivate it with our own hands, but it has yielded nothing ...

"And we no longer have cattle here. They have all died because of the drought.” Leonor lives in a part of Mozambique where failed crops have led to hunger and suffering.

She can’t farm so the mother-of-two produces coal and make straw mats to raise money to feed her family. Red Cross is helping Lenor’s community with a food, water and sanitation project. “This project has brought unity to the community. They come to work feeling stronger and more motivated, united – and with love to be able to fight this drought and end this hunger.” 

The work and the struggle is ongoing, but like Lenor, we think this progress is worth smiling about. Photo: IFRC/Aurélie Marrier d’Unienville

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