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Joy - Nigeria

“We called her Light because of how she has made us feel,” says Joy of her three-day-old baby girl.

Her husband, John, says “We have gone through a lot of challenges – she is what gives us light.” Floods recently forced this family from their home. They are now living in a cramped, dark and humid building with 20 other displaced people. Joy was pregnant when they fled.

“I could not bring anything. I was worried – I did not know what would happen when I delivered my baby.” She was fortunate though and had no complications. More than 1.9 million people were by affected by the floods; at least 114,000 were pregnant and lactating mothers.

Pregnant women are at a much higher risk of adverse birth outcomes, including low birthweight and preterm births after the floods. Red Cross is distributing essential household items to thousands of families and will be supporting communities as they face reconstruction of their homes. Photo: IFRC/Corrie Butler

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