Fudin - Indonesia

Fudin has had trouble sleeping at night ever since a series of massive earthquakes hit his village.

He prefers to walk around helping anyone in need. “I will never forget that night. There was an old man with serious injuries that I was taking to the hospital. When we got there, he said ‘Thank you so much, but if I die tonight please can you make sure that my sonalways goes to school’. And I promised,” the 29-year-old says, with tears in his eyes.

Fudin, a Red Cross volunteer, and almost 30 of his friends have their own community emergency response team. “We helped people get from their houses to the evacuation area, we set up a temporary medical centre in a tent and transported those more hurt to the hospital. We even cooked for everyone,” he says.

“The earthquake was so powerful that at first we were confused about what to do but then we just started working.” Fudin and his friends have also been explaining to people about how to protect themselves from further quakes, advising on safe areas for temporary shelters and organising activities for frightened children. They hope to set up a temporary school too.

Another big earthquake struck Lombok yesterday. Photo: Indonesian Red Cross/Marwin. Meet more of the people featured in our [***LINK***]Stories of Life series.

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