Evgenii - Ukraine

When Evgenii, a former soldier, returned home from the conflict in Ukraine’s east everything had changed.

There were no jobs, and his family, friends and neighbours did not understand what he had been through. “When servicemen return from the conflict zone, they bring a different mindset that is difficult for others to understand. This can result in mental health issues and a distance between them and their loved ones,” he says.

Evgenii found a lifeline in a Red Cross livelihood project, which helped him and a group of other former soldiers to set up a successful beekeeping business. “All the guys feel emotionally uplifted as a result. It improves their relationships with their families and their communities.”

But the bees provide more than just an income. “When you work on an apiary and devote yourself to beekeeping, you’ll start feeling better because you see a creature who works and does good.”

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