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Erwin - Philippines

“Everything was flattened. There was nothing left save for the shells of a few concrete buildings."

“I thought it was the end of the world. We felt hopeless.” Erwin heads up a community association set up to support people to rebuild livelihoods after a huge typhoon hit a few years back. “

Most of us are fishermen, so it made sense to start a fish farm because we are near the water,” Erwin says. “We wanted to do something that was concrete and sustainable.” The fish farm’s first yield made a profit. “This is just the beginning … we want to expand in time.”

Red Cross helped set up the community association and provides those with promising business ideas with training. Today a lot of people in the Philippines are facing a similar situation after Typhoon Mangkhut – Red Cross is again on the ground supporting those affected.

Photo: IFRC/Sam Smith. Meet more of the people featured in our Stories of Life series.