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Meet a Red Cross Calling legend – Anne Boulter

Anne's in her eighties and uses a walking frame to get around, but that hasn't stopped her from carrying on her mother's legacy and raising money for Red Cross.

In the seaside town of Victor Harbor in South Australia, Anne Boulter is quite an icon. Every March for the past 30 years she has gone door to door to raise funds for Red Cross’ annual community fundraiser, Red Cross Calling.

Now in her eighties, Anne hasn’t let ageing slow her down.

“I've got a walking frame but gee I can go on it!" Anne says with a laugh.

She still manages to walk a couple of kilometres through her town, knocking on the doors of residents who have got to know her over the years, collecting money and having a chat.

“I really enjoy going door to door. I’ve made a lot of friends, everyone in Victor knows me.”

Anne with Red Cross friend Kim Mitchell.

Anne’s history with Red Cross goes back to when she was a seven year old during WWII. She and her sister used to sell badges to raise money for the troops, helping their mother and aunty.

“It's a family tradition, you do what you can to help in your local community.

“It started with my grandfather who came out to Australia in 1855 and he taught young men who were illiterate. He taught them around their kitchen table at night to read and write. Mum and Dad were involved with the hospital. It's second’s just what I do," says Anne, who is proud to have carried on her mother’s legacy with Red Cross.

"My mother got her 30 year badge and I got my 30 year badge."

Anne also makes an effort to ensure people in her community are connected.

“My neighbour across the road needed companionship, I used to go over to her home to play dominos or knit.”

It’s simple acts like these that make Anne such a likeable character and valued member of the Victor Harbor community.

She adds that being a widow, supporting Red Cross helps keep her busy, as well as volunteering at the National Trust museum. Her good nature has also brought her some good karma in life – she won a sailing boat and a bar fridge on Sale of the Century and $20,000 on Millionaire Hot Seat!


Anne's been collecting for Red Cross Calling for 30 years.

We’re thankful to Anne and the thousands of people who have collected for Red Cross Calling over the past 70 years. We were thrilled that over 14,500 people signed up for the annual appeal this year, holing events and fundraising with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours right around the country.  

If you collected for Red Cross Calling this year - thank you! It’s also not too late to donate to the campaign. For more information on how to send your funds back to Red Cross or to make a donation, simply call 1800 RED CROSS or visit

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