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Red Cross families joining the club

Pia wanted her children to be actively involved in their community. Red Cross family membership was the perfect option.

This year we launched our membership for families so that we could include primary and secondary aged children as members, and welcome a new generation of humanitarians.

Pia and her family were one of the first to sign up.

"In the small amount of time they have been members they have felt immediately part of a large club - a movement!" she says of Ariya aged 6, and Rowan and Jasmine, aged 8.

Pia wanted her family to be part of Red Cross to expose them to the fundamental principles.

"The work that Red Cross has already done in breaking down how to be a decent human being is a great bonus to any parent. It shows kids how they can immediately affect their local community -their friends, their school community, people at the supermarket, by showing humanity and behaving with neutrality."

She also wants her children to be actively involved in their community, and sees Red Cross as an avenue for that.

"I believe volunteering is not optional, it's something you should do. Communities aren't meant to operate without voluntary service in them.

"I want to show my kids that just like a portion of your money has to go to helping other people, part of your life should go to being part of your community in a non-paid way, and Red Cross is all about voluntary service." 

Do you want your family to join the club? Sign up to our family membership.

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