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Ice-cream, bikes and friendship – that’s what you’ll find in Mylor

What exactly do Red Cross members get up to? Read this feel-good tale set in the Adelaide Hills to get a glimpse of what life is like as a member.

Nestled in the Adelaide Hills is the picturesque town of Mylor. The main street is one of those ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ ones, with a café, a general store, a hardware shop, and the pride of the town - the local oval, home to the Mylor Cricket team.

The town is also home to the Mylor Red Cross Branch. They’re the town’s main catering service, raising money for vital Red Cross services by providing homemade food for anything from funerals to open gardens. They are also regulars at the monthly market, selling a range of preserves that the members are famous for.

Today they have set up their stand at the Tour Down Under, an international cycling event held in South Australia that attracts thousands of cycling enthusiasts to the state.

Each year the group host the stand, selling ice-cream and strawberries, donated from a local grower.

Stephanie Whyte has been a member for over ten years. Her mother introduced her to Red Cross when Stephanie was a young girl, so it felt like a rite of passage to also be a Red Cross member. She enjoys the opportunities that being part of Red Cross has given her.

“I volunteer with (Red Cross) Emergency Services, a few of the other members of the branch do too. We’ve helped out with local fires in the Adelaide area and went to Queensland following cyclones and floods.”

She also appreciates the goodwill the branch adds to the town.

“Mylor itself has a fairly close knit community, there’s a lot of comradery of which Red Cross is an integral part of. I didn’t join it for friendship but it’s been an outcome. It’s very rewarding.”

Susan Milne moved to Mylor in 2004 and became a Red Cross member a few years later.

“I’ve made great friends through the branch,” she says.

For Susan, being a member has been about more than catering for events and making preserves. Being a member has provided an avenue for her to form lasting friendships with people in her community.

“They even helped me move house. They were in there cleaning it and helped me with packing. They’ve been a great support.”

As the Tour Down Under wraps up for the day in Mylor, the branch sells out of strawberries and ice cream, raising over $1,000. It’s another successful event for the branch who, thanks to doing activities like this, don’t just consider each other Red Cross members, but friends.

Want to experience what it's like to be a Red Cross member? Join today.

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