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Membership – it's all in the family

Three generations of the same family are showing that age is no barrier to Red Cross membership.

Three generations of the same New South Wales family are showing that age is no barrier to Red Cross membership and Joy, at two years of age, is easily the Blue Mountain Branch's youngest member.

Joy's mum Gemma got inspired to support Red Cross by her mum Irene, who has been a member for almost 20 years, and now all three regularly go to branch meetings together and help run stalls.

"Mum helps to coordinate the shop roster, looks after our hall bookings, works at the Breakfast Club and is involved in Emergency Services. She also makes lots of craft items to stock the shop and other stalls. She's amazing!"

Gemma wanted Joy to be a member so she could "be involved in something bigger than herself and see all the fantastic things that can be achieved when a group of people work together".

She loves that their involvement with Red Cross exposes Joy to such a cooperative, motivated and generous group of people.

"I slot in Red Cross stuff around full time work and think it's a great opportunity to give a bit back to the world and demonstrate positive values to my daughter.

"With my Mum being so involved it just goes further to show Joy that volunteering and helping others is a normal thing to do."

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