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Helping Red Cross: a feeling like no other

Sixteen year old Mikayla was inspired to join Red Cross by her neighbour and Red Cross member of 62 years, Margaret.

Sixteen year old Mikayla was inspired to join Red Cross by her neighbour and Red Cross member of 62 years, Margaret. Young people are signing up to Red Cross at a faster rate than any other age group. Mikayla is just one of our youth members who is realising the benefits and rewards of being part of the world's largest humanitarian organisation. Hear more about Mikayla's experience in her own words…

Mikayla, left, with fellow Red Cross Member Margaret, centre.

When I was a young girl I had an inseparable bond with my neighbour Margaret. I used to spend most of my weekend and afternoons at her home whether it be watching TV or helping her where I could. It then got to the point where I began going to her Red Cross events and helping. I noticed how happy it made the other members having a young face there to help. I was welcomed with beaming smiles and had conversations with members I will never forget.

After months of continuously helping I asked Mum and Marg if I could join myself. Since having joined I have attended many events and helped out where and when I could.

The feeling you get from helping Red Cross is like no other and it gives you a real feeling of self-worth and appreciation for the community. It's amazing seeing how happy and grateful the other members are having a young member on their team, being able to share their wisdom with me and in turn I share my youthful outlook. Being able to help them with things they couldn't achieve due to age restraints makes a big difference, and I'm so glad I can offer some much needed assistance.

I honestly couldn't imagine not being a member of Red Cross and I really encourage young people to get involved. Not only is it endless amounts of fun but you can learn some really valuable life lessons throughout the journey, anything from people skills to learning health and safety practices, not to mention helping raise money for those in need.

Mikayla, Red Cross member

Membership is for everyone. Join Mikayla and Margaret and become a member too »

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