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Bringing digital skills to Red Cross members

Red Cross has teamed up with Telstra to provide digital literacy courses for Members

Red Cross has teamed up with Telstra to provide digital literacy courses for Members

Being confident and literate with technology is an important skill in the digital age, but the online landscape is still new to some people who have not grown up with it.

To help Red Cross Members who want to develop their digital skills, volunteers from Telstra are delivering workshops for Red Cross groups around the country.

The classes teach Members how to use the internet and social media for personal use and advocacy. They give members the digital tools to connect with Australian Red Cross and their fellow Members, and to source Red Cross news from around the world.

As digital technology grows, Red Cross continues to embrace opportunities to improve emergency responses, better connect with our partners, and more effectively communicate news and program information.

Red Cross National Membership Manager, Claire Bevis says this is a critical innovation. "It helps us respond more quickly and effectively to our clients' needs and makes us more accessible to people looking for help or wanting to get involved.

"It's important though that we make sure all of our people come with us as we move forward in the digital age, and that includes our Members," Claire says.

"Around half our Members are online, which is fantastic, and we're keen to encourage more Members to get online. It means we can communicate with them more quickly, which is crucial because they are the face of Red Cross in the community."

If your branch is interested in hosting a Telstra Digital Literacy session later this year, email our membership team.

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