Support in North QLD floods

”They’re a tough lot, North Queenslanders,” Red Cross volunteer Karen says at the end of a couple of days making calls to people caught up in recent flooding.

Red Cross is offering personal support – both on the phone and on the ground – following the major flooding in the far north.

Karen’s part of a team of trained emergency services volunteers doing welfare checks, passing on vital information and helping people find services they need.

“People are very resilient. They all say, ‘We’re fine’ even though they have water two feet from the door. They always say there are others worse off.”

From Wednesday 14 March, additional teams of Red Cross volunteers are in recovery hubs and going door to door to check on people in North and Far North Queensland.

Teams will conduct outreach in both Hinchinbrook and Innisfail. They will also be on hand at the Ingham Recovery Hub to offer psychological first aid and other support.

Red Cross continues to work with agencies including local councils, Queensland Police and the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors to understand and respond to community needs.

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