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Red Cross Calling in full swing

13 March 2018

Hi everyone,

We have 14,500 people and groups registered to collect for Red Cross Calling, which is almost double the number we had last year. This is an important month for us. The team who develop and support Red Cross Calling have introduced many new ideas to our 70-year-old tradition. It's great to see it going from strength to strength. 

In my blog last week I included examples of what people are up to and this week I wanted to show you the Today Show's recent interview with our volunteer Anne Boulter promoting Red Cross Calling. Anne has been a volunteering with us for 30 years – her love of volunteering instilled in her by her mum back in the days of WWII.

It’s also an important time for our colleagues in the Blood Service with their wonderful 42 campaign. It is going well with their campaign video amassing 450,000 views so far and increasing donors and appointments.

International Women’s Day

I spent part of International Women’s Day last week at a function organised by our philanthropy group Society of Women’s Leaders. Their guest speaker was Anne Carey, one of our legendary nurses and aid workers. Anne features in our story celebrating the women of Red Cross. I am humbled to be included alongside the wonderful women who support us. The Society of Women Leaders’ function raised $156,000 for our humanitarian work. Check out our tribute to our humanitarian sisterhood.

The International Team

I was really impressed last week with the way the International team came together for their annual ‘week’. Many International staff were in town – the folks from Carlton, as well as our country leaders from Timor Leste, Fiji, Philippines, Nepal and Myanmar.

The seven-day program was developed by a working group from across International and aimed to “provide an opportunity for the entire department to collectively exhale, gauge our progress and re-imagine our future, both programmatically and strategically ... to unpack sectoral and organisational issues while exchanging skills, knowledge and ideas that will determine the way we work going forward.” 

The working group was made up of Michael Annear, Nova Wilks, Pati Gomez, Sallee-Anne Cronan, Anna Bowen, Susan Slattery, Stuart Jordan, and Alex Gruenewald. The week involved a lot of preparation and thought. It kicked off with a session designed to open everyone’s thinking to around this theme - Shaping our role in humanitarian system reform, what shifts do we need to make – the issues and opportunities.

I participated at the beginning of the week where I talked about how we’re going, and at the end of the week where there was a terrific Q&A session where we talked about whatever anyone wanted to.

Congratulations to everyone involved.