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Trusts, Foundations and Private Ancillary Funds

Charitable funds partnering with Red Cross

Grants and donations from trusts, foundations and private ancillary funds totalled more than $33M for FY20. These funds supported communities impacted by disaster, provided seed funding to test new concepts and contributed to essential services.

Gandel Philanthropy, Paul Ramsay Foundation and the Stan Perron Charitable Foundation generously supported communities impacted by bushfires. Gandel Philanthropy also supported key services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The A.N. Carmichael Memorial Fund supported delivery of Community Based Health and First Aid (CBHFA), Perpetual supported youth focused and mentoring programs, and Collier Charitable Fund supported community-led approaches to improving justice.

We extend our thanks to the following trusts, foundations and private ancillary funds that each contributed $100,000 or more in the past year:

AESOP Foundation
AMP Foundation
Baxter International Foundation
California Community Foundation
Centre for Disaster Philanthropy
Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) America
Citi Foundation
CMV Foundation
Collier Charitable Fund
Crown Resorts Foundation
Equity Trustees
Gandel Philanthropy
GE Foundation
Global Giving Foundation
Great Heights Charitable Fund
Isaacson Davis Foundation
JLDJS Foundation
JPMorgan Chase
La Trobe Financial Foundation
Packer Family Foundation
Paphitis Foundation
Paul Ramsay Foundation
QBE Foundation Australia
Ronald Geoffrey Arnott Foundation
TAL Community Foundation
Tasmanian Community Fund
The A.N. Carmichael Memorial Fund
The Ernest Heine Family Foundation
The Intrepid Foundation
The Lewis Foundation
The McNally Foundation
The Percy Baxter Charitable Foundation
The Stan Perron Charitable Foundation
Tides Foundation
UBS Australia Foundation
Vodafone Australia Foundation
Western Union Foundation
Zurich Foundation