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Michael Annear

Director, International Programs (from January 2020)

Michael has two decades of experience across the humanitarian and development fields in the African and Asia-Pacific regions. Michael joined the Red Cross in 2002, initially working with ICRC before holding senior management roles with IFRC during which he lead an integrated approach to disaster risk management focused on developing community level resilience and enhancing approaches to responding to and recovery from disaster and crises events.

In the role of Director International and Movement Relations, Michael leads Australian Red Cross’ efforts to leverage Australia’s resources to collective humanitarian impact achieved through embracing locally led humanitarian action that empowers local capacities and local decision-making. Michael further leads organisation-wide strategy and relationship with the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and Australian humanitarian partners.

Michael holds an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering, a Master of Social Science in International Development, a Master of Business Administration, and a Diploma in Humanitarian Diplomacy from the Diplo Foundation.