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Executive Team

Leadership of Australian Red Cross

The CEO and Executive Team are accountable for the day-to-day operation of Australian Red Cross, delivering our strategy outcomes, and ensuring that we are operationally and financially healthy and sustainable.

The Executive Team reports directly to the CEO, and provides high-level advice on key strategic and operational matters, and assist in implementing the decisions of the Board in a timely, coordinated and cooperative manner.

Judy Slatyer

Chief Executive Officer (to September 2020)

Simon Bolles

Chief Financial Officer and Support Services (from February 2020 to July 2020)

Belinda Dimovski »

Director, Engagement & Support

Noel Clement »

Director, Australian Programs

Penny Harrison »

Director, Volunteering

Michael Annear »

Director, International Programs (from January 2020)

Kerry McGrath

Director, Community Programs (to September 2019)

Christopher Wheatley

Director, Strategy, People & Performance (to March 2020)

Caroline Sheehan

Director, Transformation (from November 2019)

Cameron Power

Chief Financial Officer (to January 2020)

Peter Walton

Director, International Programs (to December 2019)