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Where the money was spent

Expenditure for the year ended 30 June 2020

Australian Red Cross

Humanitarian services

Total $388.704M

Expenditure for the Australian Red Cross Society was $1,092.205M, including $703.501M (64.4%) expended by Lifeblood. Expenditure within Humanitarian Services increased by 58.4% to $388.704M this financial year. The percentage of Humanitarian Services expenditure for Australian programs is 30.5%, while expenditure on International programs is 5.1%.

Administration costs for Humanitarian Services of Red Cross accounted for 10.0% of total expenditure (16.3% in FY2019). These costs include property maintenance, legal, information technology, finance, human resources and occupancy expenses, and are critical to delivering our services effectively. This is in addition to costs recovered which form part of our program delivery.

$167.700M was spent on emergency relief to support people impacted by disasters in Australia such as bushfires and crises overseas such as Myanmar and Syria. Of the $227.277M raised for the bushfires, $166.616M was spent and disbursed to support people and communities impacted by the bushfires via the DRR Fund. The DRR Fund allows the Society to support bushfire-affected communities now and over the next three years.

Disaster Relief & Recovery Statement of Income and Expenditure »

Our humanitarian work in Australia and overseas
(including emergency appeals)

$301.291M was spent providing humanitarian services in Australia and overseas. Over 44.3% of expenditure was on everyday work with individuals and communities including supporting communities to prepare for emergencies. The remaining expenditure was spent on emergency response in Australia and overseas. The majority of non-emergency response spending ($116.366M) was for domestic services in Australia, while $17.225M was spent on everyday work overseas in the Asia-Pacific region. In our emergency appeal work $1.076M was spent helping people impacted by disasters overseas such as the Indonesia Earthquakes Tsunamis and the humanitarian challenges in Myanmar and Syria. $166.616M was spent to support Red Cross emergency teams and to provide relief and recovery support to communities impacted by the bushfires. The proportion of funds spent in emergencies locally versus internationally varies from year to year, depending on the location, need and severity of disasters.

Humanitarian program spend

$301.291M was incurred in providing programs, a 91.8% increase from FY19. This increased program expenditure was largely attributable to a $166.616M spent or disbursed to support Red Cross emergency teams and to assist people affected by the bushfires. There was an increase in program send on Migration support by $12.906 compared with FY19. This was mostly due to increase in government support for people affected by Trafficking and additional support for COVID-19.

Apart from emergency appeals, social inclusion & community based programs account for the largest share of expenditure ($56.021M), representing our work with people experiencing exclusion from mainstream society and communities experiencing entrenched disadvantage. $5.999M was spent on Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Programs, in line with our Strategy 2020 goal of improving the wellbeing of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Full financial statements

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