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The everyday people make a huge contribution to our work


We are honoured to have the support of 47,277 people who made single or occasional donations this year and we are especially grateful to our 92,635 regular givers. These generous Australians contributed almost $49 million to build stronger and more resilient communities.


People who leave a bequest to Red Cross are particularly special. This year we received $15.1 million from generous supporters who left a precious gift to Red Cross in their Will. This personal legacy strengthens our organisation and ensures we build strength and resilience in others for generations to come.

We sincerely thank the following supporters who gave generous gifts of more than $20,000 in their estates this year; and extend our deepest condolences to their loved ones.

John Dugald Adams
Ian Gordon Atkins
David James Batten
Melvie Mary Bennett
Ian Leslie Brooks
Cedric Broun
Florence Helena Brown
Helen Jean Burgess
Jean Mary Campbell
Jean Ruth Clements
Rita Lillian Cole
John Michael Cox
Jan Cupps
William James Curnow
Dai Curtis
Michael Belmont Dale
Hazel Joyce Daniel
John Stuart Drabble
Joseph Sydney East
Michael Ellwood
Ernest James Evans
Joan Finchley
Francis Joseph Fletcher
Beryl Floyd
Michael John Forster
Nellie Fragar
William Farnworth Heape
William Eastcott Higgs
Mei Lee Hung
Gerald James
Eric Arthur Jenkins
Glynn Jones
Lydia Juss
Judit  Kardos
Hendricus Kemme
Margaret Langford
Joan Aileen Lindsay
Susan Loeffler
Jean Constance Lowe
Annette Matheson
Stanley Maurice McDonald
Phoebe Catherine Mary McNamara

Shelagh Middleton
Phillip Charles Middleton
Audrey Doreen Neville
John Newton
Trevor Joseph Nolan
Roma Norcott
Sidney John O'Brien
Dora O'Sullevan
Anne Owen
Donald Graham Paech
Ilona Barbara Papjcsik
Betty Juanita Pelton
Andrew Peters
Thomas Richard Pinkney
Patricia Mary Prentice
Gwenneth Mavis Renfree
James Graeme Reynolds
Jack Rider
Margaret Roberts
John Watt Robertson
Ruby Roderick
Antonetta Maria Van Rossum
Neddy George Saaty
Lois Edwina Sharp
Mary Jane Slover
Heather Sybil Smith
Mavis Beverley Spicer
Ian Arthur Storey
Robert Stenton Swift
Barbara Tabor
Muriel Thistlethwayte
Stanoje Trailovic
Bridget Arman Perpetual Trust
Helena Wilczynska Tutay
Michael Urban
Diana Vernon
Mato & Maria Vuk
Marion Alice Wakefield
Graeme Watson
Elizabeth Marcella Whelan
Clyde John Williams
Elizabeth Anne Woolnough

Philanthropic partners

We greatly value the very generous contributions we receive from philanthropists and major donors. In the past year they have donated more than $2.7 million to support and strengthen people through Red Cross. The Syrian Crisis Appeal, Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami Appeal, the Myanmar and Bangladesh Crisis Appeal and other programs in the Asia-Pacific region benefited from this funding, as well as our disaster relief and recovery work in Australia. This included support for drought affected farming communities and people affected by bushfires and floods.

The Society of Women Leaders is a dynamic community of committed women leaders and philanthropists, who support the Red Cross as a giving circle. In the past year they grew to 69 members and continued to excel in their philanthropic endeavours, raising more than $720,000 towards Red Cross humanitarian initiatives chosen by the members. The Society of Women Leaders mobilises the power of women in philanthropy to benefit the most disadvantaged in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Some of the programs supported by the Society of Women Leaders during FY2019 included the Young Parents Program, the Aid Worker Program and the Indonesian Community Health Program.