Our vision

Human dignity, peace, safety and wellbeing for all.

Our purpose

We support and empower people and communities in times of vulnerability. Our purpose is to reduce suffering across Australia and internationally through mobilising the power of humanity.

In June 2016 we launched our Strategy 2020 outcomes - an ambitious vision that has been guiding our work nationally and internationally ever since.

Through these outcomes, we want to unleash the power of humanity by supporting millions more Australians to take voluntary humanitarian action in their communities to support others. This will require us to effectively double the number of people who take voluntary action with us and provide the tools and knowledge for communities to self organise.

We want to contribute to increased community resilience, both here and in the Asia-Pacific, so that community members are able to prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters and other crises more effectively. This will require mobilising a minimum of 3 million Australians to support themselves and those around them.

We want to contribute to a more peaceful world where the laws of war are upheld by all and we are actively partnering with our Movement colleagues in delivering positive change to some of the globe’s most pressing modern challenges.

We will support the most vulnerable in our community by significantly reducing the number of people who are deeply socially excluded, supporting young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to reach their potential, ensuring migrants are welcome and active participants in our communities, empowering the most vulnerable communities in Australia to build a better future together, and reducing the number of people in prison where better alternatives exist.

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service continues to deliver one of the world’s safest supplies of blood and blood products, strategically striving to secure Australian plasma and make a greater contribution to healthcare more broadly.

To achieve these ambitions all Red Cross people are empowered to work together and maximise our impact in a sustainable way.