Children in the small Pacific Island nation of Kiribati enjoy clean water for the first time. Australian Red Cross/Darren James

We are pleased to present audited financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2017.

The financial statements of the Australian Red Cross Society (the Society) incorporate both the Humanitarian Services and Blood Service operating divisions. The Blood Service division supplies the Australian community with safe, high-quality-blood and related products. Humanitarian Services supports and empowers people and communities.


This financial year we have continued to successfully deliver against our objectives to support Australian and global communities. The Society reported total revenue of $871.6 million of which $605.4 million relates to the funding provided to the operation of the Blood Service and $266.2 million was generated through Humanitarian Services. The Society reported a surplus of $0.4 million ($10.0 million surplus from Blood Service and $9.6 million deficit from Humanitarian Services).

Humanitarian Services

Our income can vary significantly year on year depending on the level of government funding and the community’s response to large-scale domestic and international emergencies. Compared to previous years, there has been a lower level of such emergencies. As such our recorded deficit of $9.6 million includes the expenditure on domestic and international appeals from donations received in previous periods. Our underlying cash flow for the year was positive $2.5 million (2016: $1.5 million negative).

This year, we continued to strive towards our Strategy 2020 outcomes and demonstrate our humanity in action. Support from the Australian community continues to be invaluable with $89.7 million donated for the purposes of improving the lives of the most vulnerable.

Thousands of volunteers and members collectively provided voluntary support and took action locally to support others in thousands of ways throughout the year. Our response to Cyclone Debbie demonstrated our ability to move quickly and effectively in collaboration with our domestic partners. Across Queensland and New South Wales, 2,489 volunteers supported 26,610 people who were impacted in the affected communities. We were able to raise $2.2 million from the public and our corporate partners to support the communities impacted. We also generated $1.3 million from the East Africa Food Crisis Appeal and $1.1 million from the Syria Crisis Appeal that enables us to help alleviate suffering of those who are facing extreme hardship.

Our cash position remains strong and stable at $39.5 million, an increase of $2.5 million from last year. Our investment portfolio increased by $5.9 million to $45.6 million and we generated a positive operating cash flow of $7.8 million.

Blood Service

Our Blood Service division finished the year with a surplus of $10.0 million (2016: $24.6 million). This represents another successful year and the eighth consecutive operating surplus recorded. The National Blood Authority has approved the retention of $5.0 million of this surplus, while another $0.3 million will also be carried over in the research and development reserve to be spent on research activities in future years.

Our primary funding arrangement is with the National Blood Authority under an output-based-model.

Our performance under this arrangement was strong again this year, achieving our target of 637 tonnes of plasma for fractionation. Plasma inventory was 23.2 tonnes at 30 June 2017, which was 12.2 tonnes below last year. Red Cell products were supplied at 2% over the target reflecting a slight increase in demand.

Maintaining a stable and secure blood supply requires continual investment. This year, we received $52.4 million (2016: $55.0 million) from the National Blood Authority in capital funding which is used to continually upgrade our donor and processing centres, testing and laboratory equipment. During this year we have committed additional resources to strengthen our information technology infrastructure following the data security incident in late 2016, providing greater protection of sensitive information.

Outside our output-funding arrangement with the National Blood Authority, we continue to provide a range of related services such as transplant and immunogenetic services across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

Our cash and investment position remains strong at $250.4 million, compared to $264.4 million in the prior year, after repayment of borrowings of $10.8 million. We generated a positive operating cash flow of $30.1 million.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our donors, volunteers, members, staff, supporters and friends for their ongoing commitment and dedication. It is because of such tremendous support that we are empowered and enabled to help improve the lives of so many vulnerable people and communities. We would also like to thank our volunteer members of the Board, Committees of the Board and Divisional Advisory Boards for their expertise, enthusiasm and dedication. The countless hours of voluntary service, pro bono work, in-kind donations are not reflected in these financial statements, but they are an essential element which makes our work possible. By working together we are able to truly contribute towards a better and brighter future for so many people and for this, we sincerely thank you.

Together we all bring the power of humanity to life.

Cameron Power
Chief Financial Officer
Canberra, 28 October 2017

Note: The Australian Red Cross Blood Service publishes its own set of financial statements. The annual report and full financial statements can be obtained at