We are honoured to have the support of around 63,500 people who made singular or occasional donations this year. We’re especially grateful to our over 126,000 regular givers, who we keep up to date on how their donation helps through our magazine, The Power of You. These generous Australians contributed over $42 million to helping people in need.

More than 1 million raffle tickets were purchased, supporting our services


Leaving a gift to Red Cross in your will is a great way to positively impact the future without taking away from today. This year we received around $12.6 million from generous people who had left us bequests. We held 45 Wills Days giving people around Australia the opportunity to draft a will with a solicitor for a discounted price. We are grateful to our national network of solicitors who support our work in this way, and to 616 people who confirmed to us this year that they intend to leave a bequest for Red Cross.

We thank the following estates whose gifts over $20,000 this year have helped us to transform lives. We extend our condolences to their loved ones.

  • Cyril Antonowycz
  • Ronald Leslie Armour
  • Mario Baldoni
  • Rosa Becker
  • David John Bennett
  • James Armstrong Black
  • Kevin Charles Bonnell
  • Helen Brooks
  • Georgina Florence Caddy
  • Joan Margaret Campbell
  • Donald Casson
  • Dulcie May Rose Champion
  • Michael John Clark
  • Brent John Couper
  • Robert Clarence Cumming
  • Joseph Francis De Freitas
  • Marjorie Jean Eden
  • Joyce Florence Franks
  • James William France Gale
  • George Gibson
  • Godfrey Barrington Goodere
  • Rita Maria Gabriella Hall
  • Vernon Thomas Hauser
  • Mary Lillian Hayes
  • Hedvig Maria Hazy
  • William Robert Arnold Henderson
  • Archibald Hubert Hewitt
  • Daryl Giles Howard
  • Helen Hutsch
  • Robert Kittelty
  • Rita Margaret Klimes
  • Harry Leaver
  • Jessie Sheila Luckman
  • Mario Dalla Corte
  • Kay Eleanor Martin
  • Peter Godfrey McDermott
  • Dorothy McRae-Oldham
  • Teuntje Geertrudia Meischke
  • Catherine Amelia Menmuir
  • Henry Fitzgerald Nardin
  • Geraldine Nicoll
  • Helen Elizabeth O’Brien
  • Ruth Park
  • Roy Stephen Peters
  • Peter Powell
  • Patricia Rainbird
  • Jack Ainsworth Rider
  • Gerald Addison Brook Riley
  • Lorna Annie Roberts
  • Ronald Leslie Schadwell
  • Moya Rosalie Secombe
  • Julie Estelle Simon
  • Phyllis Simpson
  • June Vivienne Simpson
  • Dora Elizabeth Sloman
  • James Frederick Smith
  • Beryl Hazel Sparks
  • Raymond Henry Spencer
  • Tessa Spiros
  • Harry Steele
  • Eduard Steinbauer
  • Maureen Stewart
  • John Philip Bernard Summers
  • Barbara Frances Sutton
  • Harold Thomas Swanton
  • Arthur Grahame Taylor
  • Nicolle Geraldine Torda
  • Victor Lewis Weatherall
  • John Maxwell Wilson
  • Herta Erika Zaliski
  • Nicolai Zissof

Thank you also to the following perpetual estates which each provided over $20,000 to support our work this year:

  • Annetta Adami Charitable Trust
  • Estate Ella Kate Boyd
  • Alfred Ingram Chapman Trust
  • Dennis Osborne Clark Charitable Trust
  • Estate Agenoria Harvey
  • William Mansell & Dorothy Higgins Charitable Trust
  • Estate Margaret Mary Langford
  • Leonard Christian Joseph Miller Charitable Trust
  • Heather Sybil Smith Estate
  • Graeme Douglas Watson Charitable Trust

Community fundraisers

Andrew Johnson challenged himself to a massive 160-kilometre kayak journey in January 2016, raising more than $6,000 for Red Cross.
Australian Red Cross

More than 6,600 volunteer fundraisers supported our work this year by participating in fun community events such as running festivals and our initiatives such as the annual Big Cake Bake. More than 2,450 volunteers hit the streets in March for our annual Red Cross Calling campaign, while our members in Perth broke records with their 53rd Bindaring Clothing Sale, raising a huge $150,000. This year’s community fundraising champions included everyone from individuals to schools and workplaces. Together, community groups raised more than $4.9 million to support people in need.

1,769 kitchen-savvy supporters made 8,800 cakes to raise money for Red Cross – that’s 5 cakes each!


Red Cross supporter Mary Schramm travelled to Timor-Leste in November 2015 to witness the impact of her donations. She is talking with students in Baucau who participated in Red Cross first aid and emergency services training.
Australian Red Cross/Zayne D'Crus

A number of generous major donors gave over $2.6 million to support initiatives including community resilience and disaster relief in Australia, Syria, and five countries in the AsiaPacific region. The Australian Red Cross Society of Women Leaders doubled in membership; including youth and student members, it now comprises more than 50 women who are highly engaged with the work of Red Cross. This group of women alone contributed nearly $500,000 as well as tens of thousands of dollars worth of inkind support.