Our volunteers work as one with our staff, each bringing unique skills to the table. Volunteer Bianca (centre) is working with staff members Stella and Thomas to develop a program for 12 to 15-year-olds who are at risk of becoming involved in the youth justice system.
Australian Red Cross/Morné de Klerk

Voluntary service is at the heart of Australian Red Cross. Our work has relied on the skills and commitment of volunteers for more than 100 years and their contribution is growing even more important as we move into the future.

Our voluntary service strategy is built on the vision of inspiring people to take humanitarian action and contribute to building stronger communities. It’s crucial that we attract a diverse group of volunteers who represent the wider community and respect the Fundamental Principles of Red Cross.

The work of our volunteers is as diverse as they are – they visit lonely people in the community, make telephone calls to older people and serve healthy breakfasts for children, work in our shops, help with office administration and program design, and so much more.

This year we conducted our first ever national volunteer engagement survey, receiving over 5,000 responses which gave an overall positive engagement level of 88%. This feedback confirmed that the majority of our volunteers are enjoying a fulfilling experience with Red Cross – an essential element in providing great service for the people we help.

Volunteering is more than you think. Go to redcross.org.au/volunteering.