Australian Red Cross is very fortunate to have a number of generous philanthropists making significant donations which are truly transformative. These individuals fund major projects or long-term initiatives, giving us the opportunity to foster sustainable change in communities doing it tough.

Among this group of donors is the Australian Red Cross Society of Women Leaders – a circle of approximately 30 professional, executive and philanthropic women who have pooled their donations to fund the Red Cross Young Parents Program for the next three years. Known as the ‘Tiffany Circle’, these women continue to expand their membership as they evaluate and connect with other Red Cross programs, and act as important Red Cross advocates in their wider networks.

“It is the experience and expertise, the commitment to a long-term approach, and the tangible results that Red Cross’ people deliver for vulnerable communities that keep us coming back, year after year, to support their vital work.”
John and Alison Cameron, Lifelong Red Cross supporters.
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