Young humanitarians

Young people are the future of Red Cross. To support their development and equip them with skills to help us achieve our humanitarian goals, we actively involve young people in all areas of the organisation, and at all levels of governance.

Young humanitarian membership offers young people a pathway into Red Cross, and this year they made up 41% of all new members. Many young people also contribute as volunteers, staff and supporters.

This year our (now former) National Board Youth Member, Chris Kwong gathered ideas from young people to help develop Strategy 2020. And our young humanitarians helped develop a new graduate skills program, which equips more young people with expertise to enter the humanitarian sector.

We will continue striving to engage young people in all we do, recognising and cultivating their unique perspectives and strengths.

Young humanitarians Mickey, Sara, Patrick and Meherunnessa discuss careers in the humanitarian sector at our first ever graduate skills conference.
Australian Red Cross/Matthew Nolan