Safer workplaces,
resilient communities

Red Cross is committed to saving lives and building resilient workplaces and communities through the provision of our business, employment and training services. Delivery of these commercial operations also raises funds to support our everyday humanitarian work.

Finding ongoing employment helps people connect with their communities and lead happier, more independent lives. We provide recruitment and training opportunities to assist people who have significant employment barriers.

For people who aren’t yet ready for work, we offer referrals to relevant community groups and medical practitioners and then we work with the individual to find employment opportunities.

For employers seeking recruitment solutions, we launched the Red Cross Right Fit model in April, helping us to engage more effectively with business needs. Through this approach, Red Cross has become a valued resource, connecting workplaces that offer ongoing, paid employment to motivated and skilled job seekers.

Mark Newman has been working with Red Cross Business Services in Bowen Hills, Queensland for nine years. We raise funds through our business services by offering quality, cost-effective business solutions including light assembly and packaging. In 2014/2015, Mark and the team in Bowen Hills assembled 5,516 Red Cross first aid kits for clients around Australia.
Australian Red Cross

We continue to promote preparedness and safety in workplaces by providing first aid training and products. In 2014/2015 we delivered first aid training to more than 56,000 people across the country. We also tailored training programs to suit various workplaces, for example, delivering basic English and first aid training to 658 workers in the agricultural industry through the Australian Government’s Seasonal Worker Program.

Finally, the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has seen our employment services move to a more client-centred approach, and we successfully gained certification under the National Standards of Disability Services (NSDS). Through these measures, training and employment support for people living with a disability will continue to stay at the forefront of our work.

Funds generated through the delivery of these training and employment services are fed back into the vital everyday support services Red Cross provides to communities doing it tough around Australia and our region. We are proud of this ‘double bottom line’ model, which promotes resilience and sustainability for people in the community and in Australian businesses.

Red Cross is a leading training provider offering a range of courses and qualifications nationally. Visit to learn more.