health and safety

Red Cross takes great care to ensure the wellbeing of volunteers, staff, clients and others who come into contact with our work. Whether in offices or on the front line of disasters, our systematic work health and safety (WHS) structures manage risks to the physical and psychosocial health of our people and others we work with.

This year we engaged independent auditors to complete a review of our WHS management. In response to their findings we have improved reporting and created new WHS resources. We have also begun a project to integrate our systems across all areas of reporting, including child protection, staff, volunteers and clients.

For the first time we developed an organisation-wide register of WHS risks, organised by portfolio area. We also purchased and distributed 50 electronically-adjustable sit-and-stand desks to improve the comfort and health of our staff.

Educating our people on WHS risks and awareness continues to be a priority. We recently launched a project to further promote our e-learning courses on WHS for staff and volunteers over the coming year.

Our WHS resources help staff and volunteers stay safe in their diverse activities with Red Cross, from using ladders in retail stores to driving motor vehicles.
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