Council of the Australian Red Cross Society

Meeting once a year at the Annual General Meeting, the Council’s responsibilities include receiving reports and financial statements and electing and appointing Board Members. The Council is made up of the President and 53 voting members, including all members of the Australian Red Cross Board, up to six Special Councillors and 32 members elected or appointed by the Divisional Advisory Boards (DABs) of each state and territory, one of whom must be a youth member from each state and territory.

Membership of the Council

Australian Red Cross Board Members Special Councillors: Ron Clapham (to November 2014), Greg Vickery AO, Winifred Smith AM, Alan Clayton AM (to November 2014), Ian Anson, Michael Howarth and John Hood (from November 2014).

Council members appointed or elected by each Divisional Advisory Board:

  • ACT Division: Alan Wu, Lina Silva, Lisa Bell and Adrienne Carey
  • NSW Division: Robyn Rooth, Paul O’Sullivan AM MBE, David Madden and Andrew Horne
  • NT Division: Foster Stavridis, Kathy Sadler and Deven Patel (noting that the youth member position remained vacant)
  • QLD Division: Maureen Farrington, Jean Vallianos OAM, Greg Goebel and Kathleen Mayo (noting that the youth member position remained vacant)
  • SA Division: Rose Rhodes PSM, Elizabeth Furner, Joan Lee and Rebecca Hyde
  • TAS Division: Judy Leisk, Kerry Daniels, Frances Maxell and Lara Bean
  • VIC Division: Phil Watson, Garry Nolan, Helene Hayes and Addie Grant
  • WA Division: Kevin Poynton, Margaret Smith, Aisling Blackmore and Katherine Haag