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Work health and safety

Through applying our three strategic objectives of consultation, hazard inspection and reporting, we aim to improve the safety of our organisation and minimise the risk of harm to all Red Cross people.

Photo: Australian Red Cross/Matthew Nolan

Reporting improvements

We have substantially improved our Work Health and Safety (WHS) reporting related to hazard inspections, incidents and injury management. Our reports are now shown against the accountable National Leadership Team member and program or service, which has increased our ability to make informed decisions and improve work practices. The percentage of corrective actions completed within three months of being identified through hazard inspections improved significantly. For the period January to May 2014, 90% of actions were completed within three months. This was a major improvement from the previous period, where 57% of actions were completed within the three month key performance indicator.

Building capability

To complement our extensive WHS management system and the work done to build the WHS knowledge and skills of our managers and people, this year we implemented five new e-learning modules. Two of the modules are aimed at improving managers’ hazard, risk and incident management skills. The other three modules help all Red Cross people to understand and manage the risks they may face in their daily work.

Motor vehicle safety

After reviewing insurance and incident data, we became aware of a need to increase our focus on motor vehicle safety. A video and facilitator’s guide on driving safety were developed, and formal motor vehicle trip risk assessments were introduced along with a range of other improvements to the management of drivers and vehicles.