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Donors and community fundraisers

Supporters gave more than $19 million to Red Cross this year through one-off donations. These donations were given in response to appeals, seasonal campaigns, raffles and advertising. We have introduced new initiatives to make donating to Red Cross easier and more secure, including streamlining our management of credit card information.

We also benefited from the support of more than 5,500 third-party community fundraisers including individuals, groups, schools, workplaces and Red Cross branches, which together contributed $4.6 million this year. Community fundraisers supported the everyday work of Red Cross in a variety of ways, from participating in national campaigns such as Red Cross Calling and Big Cake Bake to holding local events of their own.

Newly-established community relationships with Bunnings, Australian Football League, Lions Clubs, TV Shopping Network, triple j, The Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbooks and GPY&R have not only generated additional income, but also amplified our reach into the broader community. We continue to facilitate fundraising through fun and social initiatives such as challenge events, dinners and auctions, supporting our donors and fundraisers to continue their generous contribution to Red Cross.

We can help you to organise your community fundraising event. Call 1800 811 700 or go to to kick off your fundraiser.