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Engaging our supporters

We engage with supporters through various channels in order to sustain and grow our community support.

Philip and Thomas volunteer at a Red Cross Shop in Adelaide. The two met through volunteering and went on to study the same university course and work in the same tea store. Photo: Australian Red Cross/Morné de Klerk

Social media

We are embracing the opportunity to appeal to a wide group of supporters and a younger demographic through social media. This year we increased our number of Facebook ‘likes’ by 69% to 83,537. Our LinkedIn connections rose by 90% to 8,946, and we reactivated our Instagram account. We focused on increasing our Twitter presence, which this year had a 50% increase in followers (reaching 16,656 in total).


We produce a range of publications and information to engage supporters, including an email update called Everyday to give an overview of monthly activities; an update to show regular givers how their donations are helping communities; an e-newsletter to inform sector stakeholders on international humanitarian law; newsletters and e-newsletters to build a over community for our members and volunteers, and connect our network of young humanitarians; and our flagship magazine Humanitarian, which promotes understanding of our work and builds support for our campaigns amongst the general public as well as donors, bequestors and members.

Media partnerships

This year we sought media partnerships which would increase the recognition and importance of our unique brand with Australians, as well as positioning us as approachable and connecting us with a youth audience.

In order to protect our brand and the people we help, we choose our partners carefully. In our centenary year we established a media partnership with the Channel 7 television network, producing a suite of products including promotional commercials on daytime and primetime television and advertorials featured on The Morning Show and The Daily Edition. We were also provided with ambassadorial support involving key news anchors, as well as AFL football season integration, program sponsorship billboards and $65,000 of free bonus media activity to support our centenary TV commercial.

“Red Cross with its wide programme of humanitarian service must continue unceasingly to spread information of its activities if it is to retain the confidence of the general public.”

1953-1954 Annual Report.