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National Leadership Team

The National Leadership Team supports the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in setting the strategic direction for the organisation, effectively managing day-to-day operations, implementing decisions of the Board and senior management, and providing leadership to Red Cross people.

The National Leadership Team held four face-to-face meetings in this financial year, and met by videoconference and teleconference in the months in between. Within this team, the Chief Executive Officer, Robert Tickner; Chief Financial Officer, Sandy Chakravarty; Director of Services and International Operations, Michael Raper and Director, Marketing, Fundraising and Communications, Jennifer Gibb attended Board meetings throughout the year. While not voting members, they make recommendations to the Board via papers put forward.

Robert Tickner

Chief Executive Officer

Toni Aslett

Executive Director Victoria

Jody Broun

Executive Director New South Wales (appointed May 2014)

Dr Ian Burke

Executive Director Tasmania (to March 2014)/Director Commercial Operations (appointed April 2014)

Sandra Cannon

Executive Director Northern Territory

Sandhya Chakravarty

Chief Financial Officer

Noel Clement

Head of Australian Services

Helen Connolly

Executive Director South Australia

Peter Day

Chief Information Officer (to March 2014)

Wenda Donaldson

Executive Director Australian Capital Territory (appointed June 2014)

Dr Helen Durham

Director IHL, Strategy, Planning and Research (to May 2014)

Veronica Frost

Chief Information Officer (appointed March 2014)

Jennifer Gibb

Director Marketing, Fundraising and Communications

Annie Harvey

Acting Executive Director New South Wales (to May 2014)

Joan Hughes

Executive Director Australian Capital Territory (to February 2014)

Steve Joske CSC

Executive Director Western Australia

Kevin Keeffe

Executive Director Queensland

Andrea Lott

Director Planning, Reporting, Research and Projects (appointed May 2014)

Kerry McGrath

Head of Community Programs

Russell Penman

Executive Director Tasmania (appointed October 2014)

Michael Raper

Director of Services and International Operations

Chris Steinfort

Director, Human Resources

Peter Walton

Head of International Program (appointed October 2013)

Michael White

Regional Manager Far North Queensland (Cairns) and Co-Chair – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Panel (appointed July 2013)

John Wills

Director Commercial Operations (to May 2014)