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Our people, our supporters


Young humanitarian

Australian Red Cross/Antony Balmain.

Over the past two years, Erica Crombie has been working with Red Cross in a variety of ways: helping people affected by floods, promoting safety for young people at music festivals, and providing support to refugees and asylum seekers.

She is one of 4,000 young humanitarian volunteers who are contributing to the work of Red Cross, alongside hundreds of young humanitarian members and thousands of youth connected to Australian Red Cross through social media channels.

Young humanitarians are people up to the age of 30 years who support the work of Red Cross in many different ways. Red Cross’ Youth Engagement Strategy aims to strengthen the role of young people within our humanitarian work, which will contribute to a dynamic and sustainable future. More than 80 young humanitarians are in youth leadership positions across the country, playing an active part in the organisation’s decision making and planning. This year, approximately 11,000 young people participated in a range of innovative and engaging events, campaigns and competitions as volunteers, members and social media champions.

Young humanitarians are also making an impact on the international stage. In the past year, they have represented Australian Red Cross at the inaugural Global Youth Conference in Vienna, the Indonesian Red Cross Volunteer Gathering and the South Korean mock General Assembly and Global Peace and Sharing Youth Camp.