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Our people, our supporters



Australian Red Cross/Dilini Perera.

Seeing Red Cross nurses in war movies inspired young Anita Clayton to become a nurse herself, and from an early age, she learned first aid through the junior branch of the British Red Cross. Years later, working as a migrant health nurse in Perth, Anita saw firsthand how Red Cross provided support to newly-arrived refugees and later, appreciated the support of Telecross volunteers calling to check on the wellbeing of her father. It is because of her lifelong connection to Red Cross that she and husband James decided to leave a gift in their Will. As a Telecross volunteer today, Anita is glad to know their gift will contribute to services like Telecross and migration support.

This year Red Cross has increased the confirmed bequestor base by 42 per cent from last year, with a total of 2,054 confirmed bequestors like Anita and James at the end of June 2013. Red Cross held more than 60 Wills Days across the country and acquired the services of 40 new solicitors to help at Wills Days around Australia.

One in every five fundraising dollars comes from a bequest – gifts left by generous Australians in their Wills. It is an important source of funds for Red Cross, raising $16.7 million this year.

Red Cross would like to acknowledge and thank the bequestors whose gifts have made a significant difference to the work of Australian Red Cross in supporting vulnerable people in our communities.

In particular, Red Cross would like to acknowledge those whose estates have generously given more than $50,000 this year:

Pamela Ethel Walker
Helen Gadsden
Una Collingwood Gyles
Jane Margaret Anderson Rankin
Ernest William Holland
Aubrey Walter Mason
Robert Sturdee McDiarmid
Aldwynne James Noel Griffiths
Marta Emilie Hauptmann
Cecily Goldie Clark
Bryan Adrian Town
Katherine Marie Booth
Pearl Irene Rowson
Arthur Coombes
Betty Edna McIntyre
Oetze Rondhuis
Gwendoline Bailey
Willam A Parnham
Lois Dorothy Menzel
Joan Louisa Mary Bath
Barbara Whilton Shearer
Nola Hannon
Allan Frederick Smith

Albert William Cahill
Russell William Jarvis
Audrey Ferguson
Leonard George Elliott
John Gould
Michael James Burrow
Isabel Lucy Dale
William Harold Green
John Francis McCrohan
Barbara Jane Webb
Roma Ida Grant
Agnes Jean Watt
Melba Doreen Sneath
Alexander Edwin Poad
Kelvin David Garland
Constantine Bloukos
Gerardus Hebing
Lawrence Bernard Eaton
Christine Kleiman
Petronella O’Dry
Gerald Francis Smith
Fraser John Anderson