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Red Cross College

Originally from the Congo, Glodie was struggling to afford the basics. She was determined to turn her life around, so she enrolled with Red Cross College. Attributing her success to the supportive learning environment she experienced there, Glodie is now ecstatic about her new career as an Aged Care worker. Australian Red Cross

Red Cross College is one of the most respected and reputable training and employment providers in Australia, committed to delivering quality outcomes. The College works with individuals and communities to provide integrated vocational education, practical placement and employment support to disadvantaged and vulnerable Australians who may have experienced barriers to education.

Supporting safe and healthy working environments and communities through the provision of First Aid and compliance training is a key part of the College’s mission. This year saw the Australian Government roll out national reforms to the Workplace Health and Safety regulations and major Australian businesses – such as the Commonwealth Bank, Woolworths and TNT – continued to partner with Red Cross to ensure a safe working environment for their staff. Other businesses, including Qantas, Toll and CSIRO, also came on board.

Tools for lasting change

Red Cross College continues its vital work as a leader in quality training and employment services that assist individuals and communities to transform their lives through learning, development and employment for personal and professional growth. More than 80,000 students were trained in First Aid, vocational skills-based training was delivered to 3,000 students, more than 1,500 job seekers in Queensland were supported with 600 securing meaningful and sustainable employment and 125 Australians received employment and financial stability through Red Cross College’s Social Enterprise operations.

Supporting our everyday work

Income received from Red Cross College goes towards supporting Red Cross everyday work.

The College continues to forge new partnerships with national organisations to facilitate further opportunities for our clients and business.