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Strategy 2015

We want to make a significant and long lasting positive impact on disadvantage in our seven priority areas. Our Strategy 2015 is our path forward: describing who we are, how we work and how we help.

Sudanese women taking part in the FOODcents program in Cloverdale, Western Australia. Australia Red Cross/Tim Lofthouse

Ways of working

‘How we work’ is just as important as ‘what we do’. These guidelines apply to all our programs and services and inform our work at all times.

  • Applying our Fundamental Principles
  • Working as auxiliary to government and public authorities in the humanitarian field
  • Working with communities
  • Building on strengths
  • Prevention through early intervention
  • Working with strategic partners
  • Mobilising resources and avoiding duplication
  • Empowering communities through community development
  • Acting on evidence
  • Advocating for change
  • Mobilising volunteers
  • Focusing on areas of locational disadvantage
  • Engaging with people reflective of our diverse community

Seven priority areas

We work within seven priority areas in Australia and further afield to support the most vulnerable people and communities in need.

Cross cutting themes

We have four significant global issues which underpin our work in the seven priority areas:

  • Climate Change
  • Gender
  • Youth Engagement
  • Cultural Diversity

Enabling goals

We want to remain strong and sustainable as an organisation well into the future, so we have four goals which define how Red Cross organises itself to deliver on our priority areas.

Goal 1

Engage, partner and influence to promote humanitarian values and prevent and reduce vulnerability

Goal 2

Work together to engage, value and enable our people

Goal 3

Be effective and accountable in all that we do

Goal 4

Build a sustainable organisation consistent with our Fundamental Principles