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Red Cross Retail

Originally from Ivory Coast, Matue experienced Red Cross’ work firsthand at 12 years of age during her time in the Guinea refugee camp after war broke out in her country. Since migrating with her family to Australia in 2008, she now takes great pride in volunteering at her local Red Cross retail store, knowing that she is helping others. Australian Red Cross/Alberto Zimmermann

Reinventing Red Cross Retail

New-look Red Cross Superstores continue to change the way two million customers across Australia see Red Cross Retail. Significant improvements and cost reductions have also been made, thanks to an ongoing focus on savings, training, sustainability and safety.

Recycling results

Red Cross stores encourage recycling, which results in more than 450 tonnes of clothing being diverted away from landfill each year.

Real-world training

Students from Red Cross College can put their retail certificate accreditation into practice at the stores while receiving further on-the-job training.

Vibrant volunteers

Some 4,500 dedicated volunteers work tirelessly throughout Red Cross stores. They are the social fabric that connects Red Cross to its local communities.

Keeping employees safe

Work and health safety inspections continue in all stores, in order to reduce or eliminate any occupational health and safety issues.

Significant savings

Improved inventory management, combined with increased volume of donated goods, rental abatements and logistics improvements have all helped to contribute to increased business savings.