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Red Cross People

Everyday Australians supporting everyday work

The work of Australian Red Cross is made possible through the contributions of tens of thousands of Australians around the country. This diverse and committed group of Red Cross people contributes to our organisation in many ways. Whether through volunteering, becoming a member, or joining our staff, all Red Cross people contribute to our work with vulnerable people and communities across Australia and further afield, and together, continue to demonstrate the power of humanity.

Avoca Branch President Marie Fuller. Australian Red Cross/Louise M Cooper

Our members

Red Cross members play an important role in the community by promoting our humanitarian principles and efforts, by fundraising and volunteering, and by helping us work with vulnerable people in Australia and further afield. Red Cross has 19,266 members across the country, and we continue looking for new ways to engage with and support our member base. We want to ensure that members are an integral part of the next great chapter of Red Cross service to the Australian community, the region and the wider International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Our staff and volunteers

The Red Cross workforce, comprising staff and volunteers, contribute to vital humanitarian work every day, in every state and territory, and further afield.

At the end of June, there were 90 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff members employed by Red Cross, who know and understand their communities and are helping them drive and lead their own solutions.

Red Cross volunteer Jake. Australian Red Cross/Rodney Dekker

This year, the first ongoing Cultural Diversity Census was developed to better understand the backgrounds of Red Cross’ workforce. Run over four months, 48% of staff participated in the census, with 31% of respondents stating that they were culturally and/or linguistically diverse. Continuing to measure cultural diversity remains a priority, and will help ensure that processes and policies support the increasingly diverse organisation.

Red Cross is also upholding its commitment to keeping vulnerable people safe by police checking all its workforce, with 10,799 checks over the past year.

Voluntary Service is one of Red Cross’ seven Fundamental Principles, and a Voluntary Service Strategy is currently in development to refresh the organisation’s understanding of the volunteer contribution and to consider how volunteers can be better engaged in the vision and work of Red Cross.

Beyond Australia

Aid worker Kate Jones. Australian Red Cross/Conor Ashleigh

Australian Red Cross had 50 aid workers in the field at June 2012, working in 28 countries around the world. From health practitioners to financial experts, these skilled workers are sent to the world’s most vulnerable regions, often in the middle of conflict, or in the aftermath of disaster. They bring technical excellence and solid experience in their field and make outstanding contributions in these demanding environments.

We also currently have 90 Australian volunteers placed throughout Africa, Asia and the Pacific, through the AusAID-funded program, Australian Volunteers for International Development. International volunteering involves ordinary work under extraordinary circumstances, and our volunteers are carrying out valuable humanitarian work around the world.

We have 19,266 members and a workforce comprising 2,962 staff and 34,046 volunteers.

We have 3,106 young humanitarian volunteers across the country.

Seventeen training programs were written and developed in-house, with more than 600 training sessions delivered to staff and volunteers.