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Red Cross College

In 2000, Claudia, 41, arrived in Australia from Bolivia with no English skills. After experiencing an unfortunate series of events, she found herself unemployed and battling depression. She came to Red Cross College Employment Services and secured a role with Red Cross business services assembling products for distribution. Today, Claudia enjoys her job immensely and is looking forward to a bright future as an active member of the community. Australian Red Cross

A lesson in success

Red Cross College has transitioned into a nationally registered training provider, delivering accredited and non- accredited training at 80 venues nationally and contributing $4.3 million in profit.

More than 160 new short courses have been added to the College’s curriculum, as well as the first-ever diploma course, enabling individuals to complete their management qualification. Three new training and employment hubs have also now opened, seeing a 50% increase in vocational education programs.

New partnerships

The College continues to forge new partnerships with national organisations, with Woolworths Group becoming the largest client, representing $2 million revenue annually. Strong links have also been formed with the Australian Network on Disability and Recover Australia to increase opportunities for job seekers and to strategically place Red Cross for the proposed future expansion of services.

Employment services

Red Cross College Employment Services (RCCES) operates 42 sites throughout Queensland in the areas of Disability Management Services and Employment Support Services. Almost all offices have achieved 120% (the maximum allowed) above the number of jobseekers assisted. Moreover, 85% of jobseekers that passed the three-month employment mark continue in employment. These outstanding results have led to industry and community recognition for excellent service.