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Enabling goals

Australian Red Cross aid worker and IFRC Country Director Valerie Hunnam discusses plans with Lucas Godsnho, Disaster Response Manager at Timor Leste Red Cross. Australian Red Cross/Conor Ashleigh

Engage, partner and influence to promote humanitarian values and prevent and reduce vulnerability

Red Cross leverages its unique auxiliary relationship with government in the humanitarian field to persuade decision makers to act in the interests of vulnerable people at all times. On 7 May 2012, the leaders of all major political parties signed an historic document which recognised their support of the humanitarian values and work of Red Cross. It is anticipated that the Parliamentary Friends of Australian Red Cross, which comprises members of all major parties and independent representatives of Parliament, will encourage volunteering in the Australian community and help educate the public on humanitarian principles.

Work together to engage, value and enable our Goal people

Red Cross strives to ensure its people are engaged in a variety of ways. This year a Workforce Development Plan incorporating a suite of regular training courses was established, providing staff and volunteers with the opportunity to access courses relevant to their needs. A significant investment was also made in the health and safety of all Red Cross people, with the allocation of additional resources and a complete review of work health and safety management systems. Another area of focus has been the development of a consistent approach to staff remuneration to ensure equity and fairness in remuneration decisions.

Be effective and accountable in all that we do

Red Cross continues to support a rapidly-growing portfolio of research and evaluation studies, producing high quality evidence to ensure our work is effective, sustainable and innovative. Work completed this year includes research into the unique model underpinning the Step Out mentoring initiative for young offenders in South Australia, which has generated interest from correctional and police services in other states and territories. A year-long evaluation of the Personal Support program after the Queensland floods provided a range of recommendations around psychosocial needs in a post-disaster context, and has broader relevance for the emergency management sector in Australia.

Build a sustainable organisation consistent with our Fundamental Principles

The roll out of Program Novar, a major whole-of-organisation initiative to improve business processes, is helping to ensure Red Cross’ work is sustainable into the future. New technology will mean that Red Cross can continue providing community support and emergency services to vulnerable people in Australia and further afield, and will enable a greater level of support than what is currently possible. Over the last two years, work has been completed to harmonise critical business processes. This will enable new technology solutions to be rolled out over the next year, with work having already commenced in the areas of finance and retail.