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The Australian Red Cross Society was initially formed as a branch of British Red Cross in 1914, and was incorporated by Royal Charter in 1941. Supplemental Charters were made in 1961, 1999, 2005, 2007 and 2010, and the Rules have been changed since 1941 from time to time.

Volunteers in Dili, Timor Leste, preparing for Road Safety activity. Volunteers deliver educational messages to motorists and are also involved in first aid training, health education and sport and music activities. Australian Red Cross/Louise M Cooper

Our Governance

Australian Red Cross is governed by the Council of the Australian Red Cross Society and the Australian Red Cross Board (the Board). The Council’s responsibilities range from receiving reports and financial statements to electing Office Bearers and Additional Board Members. The Board is the governing body and comprises up to 16 members who together oversee the role of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CEO has the responsibility for the day-to- day management of the organisation, and manages the National Leadership Team, which provides high-level advice to the CEO on key strategic and operational matters.

Our Patron

Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC CVO, Governor-General of Australia, is the Patron of the Australian Red Cross Society.

Australian Red Cross Governance and Management Structure

Council of the Australian Red Cross Society

Meeting once a year at the Annual General Meeting, the Council’s responsibilities include receiving reports and financial statements and electing and appointing Board Members.

The Council is made up of the President and 53 voting members, including all members of the Australian Red Cross Board, up to six Special Councillors and 32 members elected or appointed by the Divisional Advisory Boards of each state and territory, one of whom must be a youth member from each state and territory.

Membership of the Council

Australian Red Cross Board Members
Special Councillors: Ron Clapham, Vinay Menon, Greg Vickery (from December 2011), Matt Eyles (from December 2011) and Winifred Smith (from December 2011).

Council members appointed or elected by each Divisional Advisory Board:

  • ACT Division: Sam Wong AM, Kaye Hogan, Laraine Brennan and David Boston
  • NSW Division: Robyn Rooth, Paul O’Sullivan AM MBE, David Madden and Merryn Lagaida
  • NT Division: Foster Stavridis, Charles Burkitt, Simon Lee and Desmond Campbell
  • QLD Division: Maureen Farrington, John Pinney AM, Chief Superintendent John Cawcutt and Ashley Leong
  • SA Division: Rose Rhodes, Elizabeth Wilson, Nilofar Najimi and Heath McCallum
  • TAs Division: Roger Hawkes, Barbara Charlton, Rita Richards and Damian Williams
  • ViC Division: Helene Hayes, Anne Macarthur OAM, Phil Watson and Joel Doutch
  • WA Division: Dianne Buckles, Kevin Poynton, Phil Jacobsen and Aisling Blackmore