Personal alarms

Medical emergency alarms provide peace of mind for those living alone.

This service is available in the Australian Capital Territory.

Live with confidence in the knowledge that help is always at hand. A Red Cross personal alarm gives you access to emergency help in your home or garden, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The service can assist you to continue living at home safely with independence and peace of mind in case of personal duress or medical emergency.

Is this service for you?

This service is for people in ACT who are senior/elderly or have a disability and are at risk of a sudden illness or fall that may go unnoticed.

About the service

The personal alarm service incorporates a small personal alarm button and an alarm unit. The button is lightweight, water resistant and can be worn as a pendant necklace or as a personal wrist alarm. It works anywhere around the home, even in the garden or shower.

When the button is pressed a signal is sent to the alarm unit, causing it to automatically dial the monitoring centre. A trained Red Cross staff member will attempt to talk to you via a microphone in the alarm unit and will arrange the most appropriate form of assistance. If you don't answer, they will always ensure your wellbeing by arranging one of your nominated contacts to visit you promptly. If they are unavailable, an ambulance service or other appropriate help will be called to assist you.

The service is suitable for most people including those with speech, hearing or sight deficits and those with limited English.

It does not interfere with your phone or computer and there are trigger options for people with individual needs such as quadriplegia, epilepsy and those at high risk of falls.

This service is available through both the National Disability and Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and My Aged Care in the ACT.

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