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How much do you know about asylum seekers and refugees?

Asylum seekers in Australia is a topic that everyone has an opinion on, but how many people know the facts?

Our survey of 1,000 people across Australia found people don't really know the scale of the issue nor the realities refugees and asylum seekers face.

See what you know about the issue in our interactive refugee quiz and discover whether your opinion is based on fact - or the fiction.

So did you know the facts - or the fiction?

There is much misunderstanding in the community about why and how people seek protection, and what happens once they arrive here.

Understand the facts about asylum seekers and refugees and let's help dispel myths and misunderstandings.

Learn more about asylum seekers and refugees

Get the facts 

13 facts about asylum seekers and refugees you should know.

Experience the journey: And then I was a refugee... 

Walk in the shoes of a Somalian villager forced to leave their home and make life or death decisions in this interactive app.

Hear the stories

Understand the issues faced by asylum seekers from those who know the most.


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