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The Problem Solver's Toolkit

Design better products, services and experiences

A suite of best practice tools to help you understand the people you're designing for and the problems you're solving for them

The Problem Solver’s Toolkit is a suite of best practice tools and methods that can be adopted by any team, at any time, in the design of better products, services and experiences.

It will help you understand the people you're designing for and the problems you're solving for them.

We designed the toolkit for people who want to design better solutions, work more effectively and contribute creatively and meaningfully to the work of Australian Red Cross. The toolkit can be used individually and in a group setting and is designed to help in both internal and external stakeholder contexts.

Download the toolkit

The toolkit is available in PDF format, containing 58 unique tools and activities.

This kit is modular, and divided into four main sections; context, explore, validate and deliver. There is a set of introductory cards explaining what the toolkit is for and how to use it, including endnotes and what the icons on each card means.

The context cards provide an overall understanding of the main methodologies and philosophies that many of the tools and activities are grounded in. Principally these include human-centred design, co-design, agile, lean and value proposition design. You should use these cards to help clarify your understanding of principles, methodologies or approaches.

The explore cards relate to the divergent practices in design projects. These include exploration of the problem, the stakeholders, user research, observation, synthesis of insights and ideation of solutions. These cards will help you move from defining your problem to prototyping, by gaining an intimate understanding of the problem, users and their needs. This section will spark ideas for solutions.

The validate cards relate to the convergent practices in design projects. These include feedback gathering, testing, analysis and iteration. These cards come into play once you have arrived at a solution you need tools to help gain feedback, test your ideas and iterate where needed.

These cards focus on bringing ideas and solutions to life. This includes planning, resourcing and executing on these ideas. These cards help you plan for success, build your solution and grow.

Need some help navigating the toolkit? Download the recipes poster

The toolkit is also accompanied by a “recipes” poster. This is designed to help people navigate to a particular tool or technique they need or would like to try.