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Social policy statements

Australian Red Cross is a member of the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement (the International Movement). Our Movement's mission is to prevent or reduce human suffering wherever it is found. In Australia we work to empower vulnerable people, making them safer and more resilient through the delivery of services and the promotion of humanitarian laws and values.

Our Fundamental Principles guide us in this mission, through services and activities which are strategically focussed on Seven Priority Areas.

Our work is supported by a range of Board Social Policy Statements on issues of social and humanitarian concern.

Australian Red Cross recognises the policy positions adopted by the International Movement as reference points in its own evidence based Social Policy Statements.

Australian Red Cross uses the Board Social Policy Statements for humanitarian diplomacy, to persuade and influence decision makers and opinion leaders to act in particular ways in the interests of vulnerable people.


The Board Policy on Advocacy outlines the Australian Red Cross commitment to advocacy as a tool in advancing our mission to prevent and reduce vulnerability and to achieve our humanitarian goals.



The Board Policy on Diversity outlines the Australian Red Cross position in relation to the promotion of respect for diversity and our humanitarian principles and the reduction of intolerance, racism and social exclusion in all its forms.


Food security

Australian Red Cross believes that everyone should have reliable access to affordable, healthy, sustainable and culturally appropriate food, and have the skills and resources to utilise food in ways that enhance health and wellbeing.



This Board Policy on Gender outlines the Australian Red Cross position in relation to gender. Australian Red Cross is committed to gender equality to ensure that our programs and services benefit women and men, girls and boys equally and that women and men, girls and boys have the same opportunity to participate and contribute at all levels of our organisation as staff, volunteers and members including in governance structures.


International engagement

This Board Policy on International Engagement provides a public statement on the commitment of Australian Red Cross to sustainable humanitarian and development work. The policy articulates a whole-of-organisation approach to our international work, and provides guidance to Australian Red Cross staff and volunteers working in this space.


Justice and the impacts of imprisonment

The Board Policy Statement on Justice outlines the Australian Red Cross commitment to improving the lives of individuals and families who are socially excluded and marginalised as a result of their involvement in the Justice System



The Board Policy on Migration outlines the Australian Red Cross position in relation to people made vulnerable through the process of migration. The Policy Statement addresses key recommendations contained in the International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies (Federation) Policy on Migration (2009).



This Policy on Volunteering outlines Australian Red Cross commitment to voluntary service. The policy is consistent with and builds upon the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Volunteering Policy (2011).