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Stories of good

Every day we're privileged to support and work with some of the most amazing humans you will ever met. Here are seven people whose hope, kindness and courage stand out.

A teacher once told Rose that girls couldn’t have a career in sport. She’s been proving him wrong ever since, inspiring others along the way.

At 69 years old, Brian lost almost all he owned in a flood. He put his remaining possessions in his ute, drove to another town and started again. In all that, he never lost his larrikin humour.

When he was one, Asho had a stroke that left him with limited use of his right arm. Undeterred, at 38 years old, he decided to get his licence and now’s he about to get behind the wheel. He’s one of the great people you’ll meet at our Ceduna Community Hub.

Elvis suffered from depression so severe that he spent years unable to leave his house. Now the Wolkara Elder uses his experience to help others find their way out of darkness.

Dale was born with Non-Thalidomide Phocomaelia, which he says is “Latin for missing a few bits and pieces”. His home in Queensland was recently severely damaged by floods. Not one to sit around, Dale got to work rebuilding the front steps to his house in an afternoon so that tradies could get access to his house and get it back in working order.

Wim’s first memory of Red Cross was the car that took him out of German-occupied Holland in 1945, saving him from starvation. Today, he’s the one driving a Red Cross car – taking people with chronic illnesses to hospital for chemotherapy and other treatments.

Wendy’s the kind of mum who’s great in a crisis. She knows this for sure now – she saved her family’s lives by getting them up and out of the house shortly before a mudslide engulfed their entire village in Ambae, Vanuatu. Now they’re living on a neighbouring island, where Wendy’s working hard to create a stable home for her children.

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