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Smile for World Red Cross Day!

On 8 May we celebrate the amazing people who make up Red Cross.

On 8 May we celebrate the amazing people who make up Red Cross, who ensure we can be there for people who need a hand, whether they need a lifesaving blood donation, or a shoulder to cry on following a disaster or a friendly call in the morning to check that they’re okay.

World Red Cross Day is held annually around the globe on 8 May, the day that Red Cross Red Crescent founder Henry Dunant was born.

This year we’re harnessing the power of one of the most universal symbols - a smile - and sharing positive stories of change and hope. We’re asking you to share what makes you smile.

“I smile because in Red Cross I feel like I have a purpose, and that I can offer support to people who really need it.” Alyse, Red Cross volunteer

We are part of a global and independent network of around 14 million active volunteers and 450,000 staff, in 190 countries. Together we reach more than 160 million people every year providing a diverse and innovative range of impartial services – that’s a lot to smile about!

“What makes me smile is that we’re trying to reach out to people in new ways while still really valuing our roots.” Petra, Red Cross staff member

So this World Red Cross Day make sure you share on social media what makes you smile about the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

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