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Puppets, pillowcases and emergency partners help children prepare

Across the farthest parts of our sunburnt country, Australian Red Cross is teaching children what they need to do in an emergency, and they’re learning fast.

Australian Red Cross prepares children from remote communities in the Northern Territory for the wet season. The Pillowcase Project is a simple workshop guiding children to think how they would prepare for an emergency.

In remote top end communities, Far North Queensland and a little further down the Queensland coast near Rockhampton, puppets, games and a simple pillowcase is making learning about emergencies fun.

Children from the Tiwi Islands learn about emergency preparedness with Australian Red Cross and other emergency service partners.
Film nights, barbecues and other community events bring families together and make Australian Red Cross emergency service days an occasion.

In the Northern Territory locations of Wugularr (Beswick), Nauiyu (Daly River), Warrumiyanga and Galiwin’ku, family barbecues, film nights and workshops in local Indigenous language are an occasion and with partner agency, Northern Territory Emergency Services, have helped communities prepare for the coming wet season.

The idea of the days was to reach both children and adults so that whole families can be ready together.

Paul Mitchell, Australian Red Cross

In Queensland, children imagine what precious items they would stuff inside a pillowcase and learn simple actions they can take to stay safe should an emergency happen.

Australian Red Cross delivers the Pillowcase Project, funded by the Walt Disney Company in Australia, to communities vulnerable to disasters.

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