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International Women’s Day 2019

Red Cross was founded by women. Grown by women. And today, is led by women. We wouldn’t be who we are and what we are without their incredible efforts. Meet some inspirational women.

Nurses. Volunteers. International aid workers. The women we’re highlighting for International Women’s Day come from all walks of life and do important work for Red Cross all over the world. The lesson? We are all capable of making a difference. Let them be an inspiration for you going forward.


Truphena migrated to Australia from Kenya in 2004. She now volunteers with Red Cross to help other newly arrived migrants settle in Australia. As a mentor Truphena provides friendship, support, and help with practical things like finding a job. She tells her mentees Usiogope, which means ‘don’t be afraid’ in Swahili – and with the help of people like her we know they won’t be. Read more »


Red Cross workers and volunteers make a difference all around the world. In Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar refugee camp Australian nurse and Red Cross aid worker Emily Holmes provided medical care for pregnant women, many of whom had gone their entire pregnancy without any prenatal care. One of her most memorable stories was bringing Amala’s baby into the world. Read more »

But it is a place like this where you learn to focus on the positives. And despite the hardships and trauma, there are so many positives.


Anne Carey, Barbara McMaster, Catherine Salmon, Catherine Fry and Ruth Jebb are 5 Red Cross nurses who have all played a vital role in supporting vulnerable people in times of crisis. They’ve worked in complex and dangerous environments from South Sudan to Yemen to Sierra Leone to Afghanistan, providing medical care for children injured in armed conflict, caring for patients with Ebola, and providing vital education on disease prevention and hygiene.

They’re also extremely worthy recipients of the International Red Cross’ highest honour, the Florence Nightingale Award. Read more »


Sometimes helping can be as simple as providing a comforting hand or a warm hug. An important part of the work Red Cross does has always been to support newly arrived migrants and asylum seekers. Here a Red Cross worker provides comfort and care to two young children in a Melbourne migrant hostel. Read more »


Helping people is at the very core of what we do. Carla, who moved to Australia from Brazil, volunteers with the Red Cross MATES program, helping socially isolated people stay connected within their community. Read more »

When I arrived here in Australia, I felt I needed to start volunteering again…I realised what had been missing - it was helping people.

Inspired by these amazing women to make a difference?