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Connecting Nur with life’s essentials

Like millions of people in crowded or very remote places, Nur seeks simple basics like clean water and safe toilets to help her build a better life for her family.

[They] were torching our houses, bombing our villages, firing at anybody they saw on the street… So that’s why we had to flee to Bangladesh to save our lives.

Nur’s decision to leave her home was unspeakably brave. Calling on every ounce of courage, Nur walked her family towards safety. They hid in forests during the day and travelled only under the cover of darkness. They had no food or water and ate the leaves off trees to ease their hunger. 

After eight days, Nur, her husband and their five children arrived at a refugee camp in Bangladesh.

Determined to build a new life for her family, Nur knew she needed better access to essentials like safety, sanitation, and most importantly, clean water.

In crowded camps like this one, or very remote communities, the search for clean water so often falls to the women and children. It means they have to give up education or work to support their families.

Entire communities are at risk of water-borne diseases, as many people have no choice but to defecate in open areas, polluting water sources and agricultural lands.

Red Cross works with some of the most disadvantaged communities in our region to solve this problem. Our water and sanitation specialists help design and build clean water solutions with local Red Cross Red Crescent colleagues and members of the community. 

Because when people have the basics, they can build a better life. They can help each other through situations many of us can’t even comprehend.

It used to take almost two hours to walk to where we would collect water… Altogether it took us almost four hours to collect water and bring it to our house.

Now, the two wells we get water from are very close to our house- it takes us two to three minutes for me to get there. Now I can clean up my house and give my children more individual attention.

I hope - not just for all my own children. I pray for all the kids in this world that they have a really positive future and a good life.

My dreams for my children’s future are closer now.


You can bring more good to the lives of people like Nur, who are seeking safety or who live in remote places without clean water or toilet facilities.

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